Our Story

Once upon a time…
…Imagine a visionar, a pioneer that established his own perfumary already
back in 1940`s and after that 4 generations of dedicated experts with
intuition for trends and taste for French elegance. This is story about
Je Suis…

Years of experiences in cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, herbal and
medicinal knowledge led to development of sophisticated and iconic
products, which are adored worldwide by trendy, independent, strong
women, who charish moments for relaxation, love to be unique, take
care for their skin, keep it healthy and radiant, love to be professional and
consider environmental care seriously.

We are proud on state of the art technology in two factories where we
are with love and passion creating new lines and products for international
clientele. Powerful active ingredients are combined in products with
beautiful textures to maintain healthy look of skin and promote active beauty.
Je Suis offers a full range of over 100 face and body solutions.
We believe in exceptional anti-aging treatments, efficacy without
compromise and safety also for sensitive skin.

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