General about JeSuis…

What is a story behind JeSuis… cosmetics?

JeSuis… is a French word which mean “I am…” and JeSuis… is a cosmetic brand, empowering people with confidence of being trendy, independent, strong and unique. Our user understands importance of skin care in order to keep it healthy and radiant. With JeSuis…, users enjoy moments for relaxation, yet demand professionally designed and formulated products and they consider environmental care very seriously.

Cosmetic brand JeSuis… is a result of 4 generations of dedicated experts with intuition for trends and taste for French elegance. Thru many years of experiences in cosmetics, we passionately developed techniques for exceptional anti-aging treatments and iconic products, which are adored worldwide.

What are values of JeSuis…?

Being 4th generation involved in cosmetic industry led to huge inheritance of values, norms and standards we follow among which are top quality products for reasonable price, efficacy without compromise and safety before profits.

To prove we are what we claim to be, we monitor our product results, safety and efficacy with many different standards and certifications.

Which certifications and Standards you use in JeSuis…?

Basic certifications we follow in our factory and are certified for, are GMP (ISO22716) for cosmetic production and ECOCERT COSMOS for Organic range of products. Other standards and certifications which we follow, depending on product type and claims on the products are also, but not limited to Vegan`s Choice for vegan products range, TAC (True Active Cosmetics) for products with exceptional results, Best4U&Environment, which is proof of higher level of awareness for environmental care, CAF (Clinically approved formula) for formulations with clinically tested and proved results) and Approved by Burstein&Waymore for products, which are approved by this organization.

Can I buy JeSuis… cosmetics in stores?

At the moment JeSuis… products are exclusively available online. If we decide to sell products also in stores, we will update you about it.

Where is JeSuis… cosmetics from?

JeSuis… is a brand manufactured with love and passion with European ingredients in heart of Europe, small yet beautiful country called sLOVEnia.

How do I contact Customer Service?

Our Customer Service department is available from Monday through Friday from 8:00 am – 3:00 pm EST (except on public holidays). You may reach us by phone at 00386 40 133 266 or e-mail

How do I get the newsletter?

You can sign up for our e-mail newsletter by checking the “Sign Up for Newsletter” box on the bottom of web page and entering your email.

How do I cancel my email subscription?

If you want to cancel/unsubscribe, you can click unsubscribe by locating the “Unsubscribe” link in our newsletter. If you prefer to send us an email about it, we will do it in your behalf manually. In this case send an email about it to

What do I do if I found a product JeSuis… and I suspect that it is counterfeit?

One of JeSuis… missions is to protect our brand and our customers. If you see a product online or in-store that you suspect is a counterfeit, knockoff, or replica please send all information to If possible, please include images of the referenced product and the location where you found it. We will take care from there on.

What kind of info you send in newsletter and how often?

Our newsletter will inform you about exclusive news regarding JeSuis…, makeup and skin care tips with DIY recipes and recommendations, interviews and events.

You may take advantage of exclusive shopping offers, special promotions, receive samples with your order and much, much more! Plus, you’ll be the first to know about new product launches and other fun events. We promise to keep frequency of newsletter on minimum in order to prevent spamming your mailbox.

More details about JeSuis… products

Are your products tested on animals?

In JeSuis… we love animals and therefore we do not test our products on animals.

In addition, within the EU, animal testing is prohibited since 11 March 2009. In March 2013, the EU completed the ban on the sale of animal-tested cosmetics. This ban applies to both cosmetics products and ingredients.

Are JeSuis… products 100% natural?

All our products are inspired by mother Nature.

Whenever possible, we use natural ingredients of the highest quality over synthetic ones. In order to create products delivering the highest levels of safety and performance, sometimes no reliable or effective natural ingredient is available. In those cases, we use a synthetic substitute. Therefore JeSuis… products are blend of natural ingredients, and modern science, offering a unique experience with confirmed and standardized results.

Are JeSuis… products Cruelty free?

Products in our huge portfolio are manufactured in accordance with our values and love to animals.

If you are interested in status of certain product, please contact us and we will assist you with all answers.

Are all products manufactured in accordance with Vegan`s choice standard?

Many of our products are not only manufactured in accordance with Vegan`s choice standard but also certified with this standard!

At the bottom of every JeSuis… product page in JeSuis… shop there is an ingredient listing where you can find the ingredients of product, you’re interested in. In addition, if a product is certified with Vegan`s Choice certificate, you will find this information in description of a product. Some of products align with Vegan`s Choice standard, but certification might still be in process, therefore we always provide our clients with a full list of ingredients for every product and you can decide whether it aligns with your personal beliefs and lifestyle choices.

Can I get a list of ingredients in your products?

At the bottom of every JeSuis… product page in JeSuis… shop, there is an ingredient listing where you can find the ingredients of product, you’re interested in.

Can I get a sample of Jesuis… product?

Samples are occasionally available; however, we currently do not mail out samples by request.

When samples will be available, we will notify you thru newsletter or on our web page.

Can your products cause allergic reaction when used?

Your safety is our biggest concern. If you do not have allergies to cosmetic products and you don’t have confirmed allergies, then you are totally on safe side.

But please keep in mind that each ingredient around us can be potential trigger causing allergy. Some people might occasionally encounter adverse or unwanted side-effects when using cosmetics. If you are unsure of your possible allergies, we recommend you make an allergy test on inner side of elbow every time you come across new product.

How to make an allergy test?

You put small amount of product on inner part of elbow and wait 48-72 hours to see result.

If you see swelling, redness or area where you applied product became itchy, this can be clear prove that your skin tolerance on the product is not high enough and we do not recommend using that product.

I am new user of JeSuis…How long it will take before I see results on my skin?

JeSuis… is formulated to immediately enhance well-being of your skin.

Your skin takes 28-30days to regenerate itself, but JeSuis will pamper your skin instantly and you’ll start noticing smoother, silkier skin right from the first use. Regular use in a period of a month will ensure additional results as more beautiful and healthier skin, appearance of wrinkles and fine lines and spots will be reduced, and collagen depletion is slowed down.

How often you launch new products in JeSuis…?

We love to formulate new products so much, that we launch new products several times yearly.

About my order

Do you accept international orders?

We welcome international buyers worldwide to place an order in our online shop.

How do I order online?

Ordering products online is very simple in Jesuis… store.

1. Add product(s) to your order by selecting a product, shade and quantity, choose “add to cart.”
2. Your total order amount will appear in your shopping cart, where you can click on “View cart & Continue Shopping” to view the items in your cart.
3. When you press check out simply fill out the required shipping and billing information and press submit order.
4. We’ll process your order within 1-2 business days; you get an immediate e-mail that confirms your order.

Do I have to set up an account to place an order?

No. You do not have to have an account to place an order.

Shopping info

Is this site secure and how can I know that my billing information is secure?

Ordering from JeSuis… online is safe and secure.

Once you click on “Order Review,” you’re on a secure server that uses Secure Socket Layer (SSL) advanced encryption technology. Your credit card information is encrypted when it is transmitted to us and is stored in a secure environment. SSL makes it virtually impossible for unauthorized parties to read any of the information you send us via the secure server. If you still do not feel comfortable ordering online, we are happy to take your order via phone at +386 40 133 266 from Monday to Friday from 8am – 3pm EST.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept all major credit cards, PayPal, domestic shipments can also be paid after delivery to our partner GLS.

Why is my favorite product “temporarily out of stock?”

We make every attempt to ensure JeSuis products sold online are in stock at all times.

If an item is labeled temporarily out of stock, we expect to have the item back in stock in the near future. Please enter your email address to be notified of any stock updates.

How many items can I buy in one purchase?

There are no limits to online orders per transaction. But orders in bigger quantities can not be paid after delivery. In this case we accept only payment with credit card and thru PayPal.

About shipping

How do I receive ordered products?

Our contracted partner is GLS. All packages will be delivered by their highly professional team.

Their team will notify you on approximate delivery date and time. If you are not available at that time, they will give you information on when and how you can pick up your package.

When will I receive my order?

For all orders received until 1:00 PM we will take care, that they will be shipped the same day, and you will receive it latest 1-2 after ordering.

We do not ship products on public holidays and during weekends. Orders received in this time will be shipped first working day afterward.

How much does shipping cost?

For orders up to 49,99€ shipping cost is 5,00€, for all orders above 50€ shipping is free of charge.

What do I do if my package is lost or stolen?

If your package got lost or you believe it is stolen, please notify us thru email and we will try to assist you.

Do you deliver to P.O. addresses?

Unfortunately we can not provide you with delivery in P.O. box address.

Return, Exchange and Cancellation

How do I return a product I don`t like?

JeSuis… would like you to be satisfied with your purchase. If you would like to return a JeSuis… product, please see our Return policy below for returns made to a JeSuis… store.

Do I have to return my product to get my refund?

You do need to return the product to get your full refund. Please check our Return policy for more information or contact us on

What if I want a replacement of defected product, not a refund?

If you would like to receive a replacement instead of refund, please update us and we will prepare everything necessary.

To ensure prompt resolution, please keep package in original shipping package and damaged or defective product ready for inspection. If, after having examined the product, we confirm that it is damaged or defective, we will provide you instructions for returning the damaged or defective product to us and issue an exchange.

What is your return/exchange policy?

For complete Return/Exchange policy please check our Return policy and General terms published on page.

Damaged or Defective Products:

When your JeSuis… order arrives, please inspect the package for any damage or defects.

It is normal for the shipping package to show some wear, however, if you think a product in your shipment is damaged or defective, please update on this already GLS when delivering goods, the will make a remark about your delivery. You can also contact us at or 00386 40 133 266.

Want to cooperate with us?

How can I receive product sponsorship for reviewing products on my blog/vlog/Instagram/Facebook?

As first thank you for your interest to spread love and passion about our excellent range of products.

We will be more than glad to receive an official inquiry about sponsorship products on

We will review blogger/vlogger/Instagram/Facebook requests on a case by case basis. We will notify you on our decision after we revise your application.

Can I become your distributor?

We welcome new distributors with similar values and energy to cooperate with us.

We are grateful for your interest and we will be more than glad to receive your distribution plan and your local market demands on We review distribution plans on a case by case basis.

I would like to become part of JeSuis… story. How can I apply for job?

Thank you for showing interest in becoming part of JeSuis… story.

We are always interested in getting fresh ideas on possible cooperation with different profiles of experts and supporting team. If you believe you can contribute to our organization, feel free to share with us your “winning plan” and we will be more than glad to read it and in case we really like it, we will invite you to introduction interview.